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Becky Robinson is the founder and CEO of Weaving Influence. Becky wants to help people build their online presence and influence, while making social media involvement accessible and do-able for time-starved professionals and business owners. Weaving Influence offers consulting, coaching, training, implementation, content creation, and speaking services.

Can You Take a Vacation from Leading?

Beach and Chairs

I am in the midst of my annual “working” vacation. For the past six summers, I’ve brought my daughters to visit my parents for a week or longer, with the understanding that I’ll work while we’re away. In the early years, balancing work with vacation on these trips happened easily. I spent time writing at » Read More


Crowdsourced from Our Instigators: What Are You Giving Away?


“We give energy, even life, to our world when we take the best of who we are and give it away.” ~Mike Henry, Chief Instigator of the Lead Change Group. Inspired by this quote, I asked our instigators the following questions: What is the best of who you are? How are you giving it away. » Read More


Together is Better Than Alone

running buds

After months of hearing my friend Maria tell me about her running group, I finally got up early one Saturday morning to meet the group for a run. Leaving my house before six a.m., I asked myself: Who does this? When I pulled into the parking lot for the meet-up, several cars idled there and » Read More


May 2014 Leadership Development Carnival


Five years ago, I started blogging about leadership on a blog called LeaderTalk. Many of the bloggers on today’s list supported my early efforts. In fact, Dan McCarthy, who generously offered us the opportunity to host this month’s carnival, was one of the first bloggers to give me a shout-out. It’s not a stretch to say » Read More


Is Your Way The Only Way?


[This blog post is based on concepts from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans.] Or do you tend to yield? Do you give power away to your talented people? Veronika, a manager in a global drug research and development company, woke up one morning and recognized that 20 » Read More


Ready for the Heart of Leadership?

Good leadership is a radical thing. Wisdom, responsibility, courage, and character are aspects of great leadership that are not easy to learn or to put into practice, but they are required if you want to truly understand The Heart of Leadership. Coming in October 2013, The Heart of Leadership once again picks up the story of Debbie Brewster » Read More


Call for leadership reviewers!


We’re looking for reviewers for four new books that are launching in the next month or two. We’re very excited to be part of the launch of these books. Please read a brief synopsis of each First up is Managers as Mentors by Chip Bell and Marshall Goldsmith. Subtitled “Building Partnerships for Learning,” this book » Read More


I Am Ready To Lead


Chery Gegelman introduces Sonia Di Maulo’s new book, The Apple In The Orchard in this post on her blog, Simply Understanding. The story and the illustrations are simple enough to be a child’s bedtime story, challenging enough to be shared in an executive boardroom and inspiring enough to be read and savored again, and again, and again. It is » Read More


Talk is Cheap


An interesting reflection on the history of the Lead Change Group with information about an upcoming event from Susan Mazza, a long-time instigator in the group. Susan writes “Change happens one conversation at a time. Sure you need to take action to make anything happen. Yet the same thinking will likely beget more of the » Read More


4 ways to stand out from the crowd on Twitter

Smartblog Logo

This post by Lead Change Instigator Becky Robinson was published under the Social Media category on SmartBlog. Becky, an expert in social media, has helped countless leaders utilize Twitter and other online tools to engage with various audiences. Becky asserts, “I often meet people who don’t understand the value of Twitter.” Click here to read » Read More

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