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Bill Benoist is Vice President of Information Services for Marcus & Millichap, the nation’s largest commercial real estate brokerage firm. Bill is also the owner of Leadership Heart Coaching where he specializing in Leadership and Career strategies. Bill holds a BS in Management, an MA in Leadership, and is a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation.  »  View Profile

Energy Vampires

by  Bill Benoist  |  Light Your World
Energy Vampire

Halloween is right around the corner. Soon, we will have little Frankensteins and Ninja Turtles and Cinderellas knocking on our door looking to have their buckets and bags filled with candy. I like Halloween. Greeting these little demons, super heroes and princesses is fun. Know » Read More


Managing Conflict

by  Bill Benoist  |  Leadership Development

Are you someone who struggles managing conflict? Many leaders are uncomfortable when it comes to confrontation. Conflict resolution is one of the most difficult tasks leaders face. I am not one who enjoys managing conflict. In fact, if I could go the next five years without » Read More


Accepting Change

by  Bill Benoist  |  Change Management

Change. It is inevitable. Most people don’t deal with change very well. Others embrace it.  But regardless of which camp you fall into, the fact is not only does it happen, but it can be good. In the words of Frederick Douglass, “If there is no struggle, there is no » Read More

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