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Cassandra Ferguson

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A passionate, courageous, business and organizational strategist/trainer – Cassandra is often called upon to not only teach adults of all ages but teens and young adults as well. Cassandra has taught and spoken in churches, community centers, corporations, schools and on radio. Her passion is often displayed in her teaching. Cassandra feels that her assignment is to help develop leaders of influence of all ages.  »  View Profile

Changing The Atmosphere

by  Cassandra Ferguson  |  Workplace Issues
Changing the Atmosphere

After being laid off for eight months. I was so excited, both because I had a new job and because it was my first day in the medical industry after being in banking for more than fourteen years. After experiencing the ups and downs of the banking industry, I was finally going » Read More


Fathers Who Lead

by  Cassandra Ferguson  |  Light Your World
Fathers Who Lead

We recently celebrated Father’s Day. As we look back on that day of celebration, let’s hear it for our Father and salute those Fathers who are not only fathers but leaders. Yes, leaders of the pack. I see more and more as an adult the importance of a father who leads. You » Read More