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Jane is a leadership futurist and well-mannered maverick who challenges stereotypes, sacred cows, gender bias & how we think about power. She loves chocolate, TED, writing, kindness, paradox and shoes.  »  View Profile

Got questions?

by  Jane Perdue  |  Creating Value
Got Questions?

When I was growing up, I envied the little boy next door. His mom asked him questions. Would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or soup for lunch?  Will you spend the afternoon reading a book or playing? My mom told me how it was going to be. While I don’t » Read More


Conflict Is In The Air

by  Jane Perdue  |  Leadership Development

Like spring, conflict is in the air. Contentious times are everywhere. On the media. In the workplace. In the streets. At the dinner table. Many people share they’re struggling to stay calm and collected in dealing with the disagreements, friction, and discord that’s » Read More

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