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Margy Kerr-Jarrett is the Director of Development of the Lead Change Group and Web Project Manager at Weaving Influence. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time in nature with her husband. In addition, she teaches workshops about art and spirituality to visiting students. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Margy has been living in Jerusalem, Israel for the past two years.  »  View Profile

The Greatness of Humility

by  Margy Kerr-Jarrett  |  Self Leadership
The Greatness of Humility

The 12th century philosopher Maimonides advocated that the “middle way” was the most harmonious way to live. Every character trait, whether it be generosity, greed, diligence, laziness, or any other trait, should always be tempered with a good dose of moderation. Maimonides » Read More


Why Become a Leader?

by  Margy Kerr-Jarrett  |  Light Your World
Why Become a Leader?

A Small Story In 7th grade, my class went on an overnight field trip to a place called Bradford Woods for a “team building retreat.” Throughout the trip, we partook in various team building exercises that included obstacle courses, puzzles, and relay races. I remember one » Read More