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Chief Instigator (Founder) of Lead Change Group and VP of IT for a mid sized technology company. Passionate about character-based leadership and making a positive difference.  »  View Profile

Three Responses To Conflict

by  Mike Henry  |  Team Dynamics
Three Responses to Conflict

Our stated topic this month is responding to conflict. It was carefully chosen. We can’t avoid conflict. Conflict comes with purpose. Think of conflict like friction. We create friction as we pursue purpose. Consider the piston of an engine or the wheel of a car. As they do » Read More


What’s Your Excuse?

by  Mike Henry  |  Self Leadership
What’s Your Excuse?

I don’t have enough time. We’re too busy. I’ll call you in a few weeks. I keep meaning to get over that way. We were rushed. I don’t have enough money. It’s not in the budget. We can’t afford it. It costs too much. I’m too tired. I overslept. After work, I just get » Read More

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