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Category Archives: Best of Blogs Series


Leaders: Do you lead like a Road Runner or a Coyote?


In this new SmartBlog Post, Chery Gegelman references the Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner to illustrate the benefits of instigating a leadership revolution in your organization. “Many CEOs have identified creativity and innovation as critically important to growing their organizations. My experiences have convinced me that most of what they are seeking is lying dormant » Read More


Leadership and Speaking Up

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Twice a month, Lead Change Group authors write a blog post on the SmartBlog on Leadership site. This past Thursday, Jennifer Miller (@JenniferVMiller) took turn with a post called How to Get Your Team to Speak Up. It’s based on her observation that many team leaders create a culture where saying “no” is unacceptable, thereby causing » Read More


May Leadership Development Carnival

leadership carnival-5

At the first of every month, Dan McCarthy, of Great Leadership blog hosts the Leadership Development Carnival.  The carnival is a roundup of recent posts on Leadership Development and Dan’s been doing this kind of thing as long as I can remember.  Check out this month’s carnival for some great reading from over 25 great » Read More


Leaders Deal In Dreams

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Do you help people reach for their dreams?  Have you ever considered that is a job for leaders?  Becky Robinson posted on Smartblog on Leadership last week about the power of our team members’ dreams, not as a motivational “tool” but rather as the high calling of a leader.  The greatest work of a leader » Read More


Playing the Game and Finishing Well

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Check out this great post by one of our fellow instigators,  Angela Bisignano, Ph.D.. She has a doctorate in clinical psychology and an M.S. in ministry. She works as a leadership and life consultant. Her guest post over on Michael Hyatt’s blog is titled Leaders and the Game of Life. It’s about the need for » Read More


Take It Outside: An Outdoor Leadership Challenge Experience

Leadership Challenge

“An experience I will have for the rest of my life.  The workshop took me to places mentally and physically that I never thought I could reach, but they never broke me…just made be stronger.” “You will do things you never did before with people you never met.  But it’s an experience you will never » Read More


In Leading, There is No Substitute For Human Connection


One of my clients had recently started experimenting with how he responded to customer requests. His customers were co-workers —people internal to the company. He had been finding himself increasingly annoyed and impatient at their requests, and he wanted to change that. To his credit, he knew most of the annoyance he felt was simply » Read More


Do You Know What Farm Kids Know about Leadership?


I grew up on a farm. Yep, that’s me on the right, at 5-years old, working with my father. Notice the stripe-on-stripe outfit. I dressed myself that day. And that’s not the only thing I did that day… Farm kids learn responsibility early. I would say I “added value” as early as age 5. I » Read More


Leaders Affect Training ROI


Kevin Eikenberry (@KevinEikenberry, Web) posted a creative, objective and thoughtful post over on Smartblog on Leadership today entitled 7 Ways Leaders Affect Training’s Return on Investment.  Kevin introduces the idea that there are four groups of people responsible for the success of any training and he refers to these as the legs of a chair. » Read More


Every Job is a Leadership Position


Susan Mazza (@SusanMazza) shared a post titled Every Job is a Leadership Position over on Random Acts of Leadership a few days ago.  She expounds on some terms we use here quite a bit related to the difference between positional leadership and character-based leadership.  Positional leadership is influence or authority having a title.  But you » Read More

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