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Category Archives: Change Management

Topics on leading and driving change within or across teams, groups or entire organizations

The New Labor Movement

That Sucks!

When I was 15 years old, I desperately wanted to leave home and see the world. Mom made it clear that to do that, I’d need some cash. So I did what any self-serving kid would do. I got a job. My first teenage jobs were: Church camp dishwasher Auto dealer file clerk Guitar cord » Read More

4 Steps to Influence Change Through Resistance

Horseshoe bend, Arizona

Great opportunities lie on the other side of the status quo. We’ve all heard lines like, “We’ve never done it that way;” or “We tried that back in 1975…” or “That won’t work.” Something inside you knows a process, product, or result can be improved. You’re sure if they’d only listen, commit to a new » Read More

20 Questions on Selling Change


I saw an interesting phrase the other day that I felt I needed to address: selling change. Wondering through several facets of the analogy presented by the idea of selling change, my mind began to chase a series of questions. See if any of these strike you. And at the end, please offer your own » Read More


Understanding resistance to change


Is resistance to change truly irrational? Many times, people being impacted by an organizational change initiative are called “irrational” or even worse by those leading the effort. However, even someone who is clinically insane is behaving rationally within their worldview. To themselves, people do not behave irrationally though they may be viewed that way by » Read More


Stages of Change

outside stairs

How can you approach organizational change without first knowing where people are in their change readiness? The change model presented here is the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) coupled with key components of Lewin’s Change Theory.  This approach to organizational change focuses attention on the individual with the assumption that organizational change is the collective change of » Read More


Emergent Change: Shifting to a complexity paradigm


The traditional approach to organizational change has been a tightly planned process with objectives established by top management. This planned approach to organizational change is reinforced with the publication of numerous best practice case studies for change, detailed guides for leading the neophyte through the change wilderness, and studies of what is needed to remove » Read More


Strategic success through people


How prepared is your organization to implement your strategic plan and move the necessary change forward? Strategic success requires more than a strategic plan; it requires the right employees with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.   The essence of the Strategic Plan is the set of strategies that will » Read More


Paradox of Organizational Change


The following statements are often heard from those giving advice to those leading organizational change initiatives: “The first requirement is to have top management on board.” “Top management buy-in is essential for change to occur.” “Significant change will only occur if led from the top.” “The CEO determines the organizational values.” On the other hand, » Read More


Creating employee engagement through culture and job design

Send Grid: culture tenets

In a refreshing interview, CEO Jim Franklin shares his company’s views on employee engagement. SendGrid’s approach to job design is both exhilarating and gutsy.


52 Ways To Avoid Giving An Immediate Answer


No one likes being pushed or bullied into making snap decisions.  There’s something unnerving about the situation where we’re the demand is “I need an answer, and I need it now!”  Of course, if you work as in law enforcement or an emergency room, sometimes immediate decisions are necessary. But most of the time, the » Read More

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