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Category Archives: Leadership Coaching

Tips and ideas related to the Leadership Coaching profession

The Power of the Coffee Cup


Okay, this really isn’t about a coffee cup. It’s a post about customer service and the difference quality customer service can make. You know, the kind of service that stays with you long after you’ve left the store or hung up the phone. The service you find yourself talking about with someone over lunch several » Read More


Will this project manager make a good people manager?

Sam’s team just delivered a complex project on-time, on-budget, and with impeccable quality. His company is eying him for promotion, because they want him to “rub off” on other project managers, whose results aren’t as stellar. Maybe he can teach them a trick or two? In theory, a good project manager can become a good » Read More


What Leaders Can Learn From the Rules of Combat

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  Hugh L. McColl, Jr. is the retired chairman and CEO of Bank of America. An ex-marine officer in the late fifties, his business leadership style was and continues to be swashbuckling, colorful, and intense. Wall Street analysts characterized him as a no-holds barred tactical genius that lead the bank as its thirty-nine year old president with » Read More


Writing a Leadership Wrong-Smarter Emotions Matter


How do you manage “emotional moments of truth”? Do you fight, flight, or flock? The way you handle these moments sets the stage for the entire conversation, and they can either lead to positive change or negative responses. Leaders must intentionally increase their own emotional triggers as well as awareness of others’ emotions in order » Read More


Increase Your Awareness by Predicting Results in the Planning Stage

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Are you familiar with the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle? Do you know how to implement it well within your company?A really big key between people that use PDSA successfully and those who don’t is that the ones that do it successfully turn the cycle quickly. Read more…


8 tips for effective employee praise

If praising employees does not come naturally to you, here are a few tips for crafting words to motivate your team…


Leading From the Middle


Traditional leadership paradigms are pretty “top down,” but as modern leadership gurus help us see that such hierarchical decision-making structures are reaching their limits, it’s time to start exploring ways that employees can lead from the middle.   Conveniently for those who want to rise in the organization, “leading from the middle” is also an » Read More


A Remarkable Conversation on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and YOU


You know it when you hear it. It touches you. You are so moved by what you’ve just heard you can’t wait to share it. You may have even heard it before. But this time, the way it’s said and who says it impacts you differently. This was the case during my recent webinar with » Read More


Stop It!


We have them. Bad habits. Things we know we should not do anymore. Things that hold us back. Things we allow to limit us. How can we quit doing these things and move forward. It’s pretty simply, actually. Just stop it. Read more


10 Management Lessons from Dragon Army

Business insights can come from unexpected places, including children’s literature. Science fiction writer Orson Scott Card paints a marvelous portrait of people management, vividly contrasting what motivates and what demoralizes, and what creates excellence versus lackluster results.

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