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Tips and ideas related to the Leadership Coaching profession


9 management lessons from 13th and Violet

IMG_13th & Violet - small

During and after the recent Boulder flooding, emergency officials asked people to stay home. I followed these orders. For two days. But I’m not good at sitting around and waiting if someone needs help. I think many employees feel the same way.


When Leaders Aren’t Born


Are Leaders Born Or Made? This is not an original question.  It has been debated for years in books, on line, and in both corporate and academic classrooms. But I would like to offer a fresh perspective. I had the pleasure of hearing Barry Posner, bestselling co-author of The Leadership Challenge, speak some years back.  » Read More


Managers: How well are you connecting?

Managers: How well are you connecting?

What does it mean to be connected? Some employees openly volunteer personal information like aging parent concerns and children’s activities. Others hold their cards close and share very little unless you take the time to get to know them. Are you asking questions on a regular basis to express interest, expand trust, and deepen relationships? Or have you been too busy?


Giving An A

Vanessa Receives White Coat

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”– Thomas A. Edison   I love to read books that inspire me to think new ideas. The book that is inspiring me now is The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. The premise of this book is » Read More


Being Leader-ish: When You’re Not Quite a Leader

Half-full or half-empty

  ish. This is the word we use when something is stuck between being and not being. Between is and is not. For example, we might say, “that shirt is red-ish.” Or, “I’m feeling sick-ish.” And sometimes, “the weather is a bit warm-ish.” Describing things as ish is handy, because it helps us avoid committing when » Read More


The One 2 Rule: That’s One Part Problem, 2 Part Solution

One Part Two Part

Problem? Issue? Complaint? While venting is a widely acceptable practice in the work place today, often encouraged and actually good for you, don’t forget to match some of that expressive energy with real, actionable solutions. Frustrated? Irritated? Down Right Pissed Off? Great! Who isn’t!?! It’s the What•are•ya•gonna•do•about•it that separates those who stay that way and » Read More


5 Things You Don’t Really Believe About Leadership

Leadership - Stand Apart

I have a friend who often says, “The things we do are what we really believe. Everything else is just talk.” You would think with all our talk about leadership there would be few ideas left to explore. But the truth is, no matter how many posts you write, books you read, or conferences you » Read More


Real Leaders Sweat


Never let ‘em see you sweat.  This advice is commonly touted in a variety of high pressure situations: life, school, sports, business deals.  But does it have a place in leadership? When I facilitate workshops on leadership with students and experienced managers I invite them to share the best leadership advice they’ve ever received.   This invitation » Read More


Developing Conversational Leadership


“The task of leadership is to be intentional about the way we group people and the questions what we engage them in.” Peter Block For as long as we have lived in human community, great conversations have been the source of fresh ideas. Conversations engage us with the rest of the world and embrace relationships » Read More


Change – Accept it or else…


No matter what anybody says, CHANGE is difficult.  Yes, for all of us, because we all deal with CHANGE  on our own time schedules.  The reality is that CHANGE is a way of life in 2013 that causes stress all around us – both good and less-than-stellar stress. So take a minute to ponder. When you » Read More

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