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Category Archives: Value Creation

How to Turn Customers into Raving Fans with One Email

Raving fan

This last Christmas, my wife and I ordered some Baylor University fan gear from Fanatics. My experience wasn’t bad, although I do remember thinking the shipping seemed unusually slow.  I chalked it up to the holidays and really didn’t think much about it.  The sweatshirt, cap, and other things I bought were good quality and, overall, » Read More


Epic Fail – 5 Ways to Build a Culture of Failure


No one likes to fail. Failure feels like losing. But failure is more generous than we might think. Failure gives experience to those who try and offers wisdom to those who will try next. Failure fuels our quest for something better. It is the hunger that drives our discontent. Failure is the engine of innovation. It » Read More


5 Things You Don’t Really Believe About Leadership

Leadership - Stand Apart

I have a friend who often says, “The things we do are what we really believe. Everything else is just talk.” You would think with all our talk about leadership there would be few ideas left to explore. But the truth is, no matter how many posts you write, books you read, or conferences you » Read More


Jump, Rinse, Repeat: Why do we keep implementing change like this?


Everyone, it seems, is talking about change and the need to change.  But somehow we keep repeating a familiar pattern.  It’s like going to the edge of a 50-foot cliff and jumping when all you’ve witnessed are others ahead of you jumping away.  As a result, you don’t see what they did before they jumped, » Read More


Building Enduring Engagement


Most organizations and their leaders now accept that simple worker compliance is insufficient for achieving operational excellence and long-term success. Management writers, consultants, and academics have been telling us this for years. For example, a new book by Karen Martin, The Outstanding Organization, places Engagement as one of four ‘fundamental conditions’ that allow an organization to » Read More


The end of the world: Part I

Car park

The world didn’t disappear on December 21st but the era of business, as we know it, is over. Part 1 : The future of mass production Crisis is still creating lots of casualties in the business world. Do companies still suffer from the worldwide financial crisis or did they adapt to the new reality? The » Read More


Civility: The New Employee Attraction and Retention Strategy


Workplace attractiveness is an optimistic attitude or a positive emotion an individual has towards an organization (Aiman-Smith et al. 2001).  The attraction process involves a job seeker’s estimate of how well they “feel” their personal needs and values fit the organization’s culture. Gaining an understanding of the factors that can impact the attraction phase of this » Read More


3 Portraits of Employee Involvement


In your organization, how much employee input does management get before deciding a course of action? Not much? You might want to rethink that.


5 Strategies To Go From CXO/CEO/ COO/CFO to Successful Entrepreneur


Are you a corporate refugee or executive in transition who thought the grass was greener on the entrepreneurial side of the fence, only to find out it wasn’t as easy as you expected?  It’s an interesting problem.  You had the title of CXO/CEO/CFO/COO and everything that comes with it:  The corner office, a closet full of silk » Read More


Live Well. Finish Well.

Learner Leader Teacher

Who in your life, that has gone before you, can you say, “They lived well and finished well.”  Who in your life, that is still living, can you say “Now that is a life well-lived.”  What are those qualities that these people have that you would like to emulate?  I have asked myself these questions » Read More

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