Connection and Gratitude

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Thank you.

You have honored and blessed me with your attention.  Your attention suggests that you agree… individuals can make a difference. It encourages me to challenge myself first and my friends to act on behalf of their best dream of the future.  Your attention and connection tells me that others share the idea that our best is good enough to matter.  We don’t have to be Tiger Woods or Jack Welch or Richard Branson to make a difference.

Your attention suggests that you agree… individuals can make a difference!

It also energizes me to think that we can know hundreds of people who strive to be a better person first before becoming a better “whatever they do.”  Thank you for helping me as I struggle with my character and how it affects my leadership.  Thank you for joining and creating an honest community motivated to make a positive difference, resisting the urge to judge or blame.  Thank you for taking the time to connect, share and help others who want to sharpen their influence skills, not for personal gain alone, but for the benefit of a growing community.

Thank you for connecting, taking the time to share about yourself in a way where we each develop common friendships.  Thank you for focusing on the multitude of things we have in common rather than the few ways we’re different.  Thank you for clicking a link and reading, thinking and sharing electronic ideas, and then using those ideas to elevate attitudes and mobilize each other to make some small corner in the world a bit better, even if it’s only with a smile or a retweet.

Thank you for spending a minute considering the people we know in common.  I may only “know” your avatar and your online “persona,” but I smile whenever I look at TweetDeck and see so many friends.  Yes, you’re a friend even though we may not have met face-to-face, mostly because we share an experience and a hope.  Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself so we can connect.  Thank you for taking action, bringing your best and making the world better.

I appreciate you.  You make my world a better place.  Take a minute and thank the people who matter to you too!  Happy 2011!

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What People Are Saying

William Powell  |  31 Dec 2010  |  Reply

Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice to make this great community a possibility. Thank you for having a heart that gives to others and wants to see those around you become successful. Thank you for having the courage to stand for a demanding set of values without wavering. Thank you for always being willing to effect change, no matter the cost, to bring about improvement.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in the Lead Change community who feels this way, Mike. You are an amazing leader and I’m proud to call you my friend. Have an amazing New Year!


Senen Perfecto  |  03 Jan 2011  |  Reply

Thank you, Mike, for the Lead Change Group. I agree with William and thank you too, for actively leading the community in effecting change, no matter the cost, to bring about improvement. This, of course, is the mark of a true leader.

The leaders I coach here in the Philippines are influenced by the lessons I acquire from you and all contributors; for this I am deeply grateful. Thank for being personal with your response to my Christmas greeting by telling me you also benefited from our association.

Best regards,


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