Webinar 01/31/2017 12:00 PM (ET)
Saving Your Team From The Three Decision Traps – With Jack Quarles
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Our lives are full of decisions. Some are of little consequence, but others directly impact our finances, circumstances, and schedules. Many of those decisions are not made on our own, but with others. This introduces dynamics that can derail decisions and have negative effects in our lives. Join Jack Quarles on January 31 at 12PM ET/4PM GMT as Becky Robinson hosts Jack Quarles in this focused 30-minute webinar. We’ll explore three common traps that often sabotage decisions, and learn practical steps to improve our decisions and help others do the same.  »  Register Now
Webinar 02/09/2017 1:00 PM (ET)
Discover The Joy Of Leadership – With Willy Steiner
Weaving Influence Events
Re-discover the joy of leadership! Join us on February 9th at 1 PM ET for a special one-hour webinar event with Willy Steiner, during which we will discuss time-tested models and theories from the very best practitioners and experts, as well as how to quickly identify ways to respond to the challenges that confront you. Willy will provide targeted solutions to cut through the “noise” in your work world, based on his 30+ years of corporate leadership and coaching.  »  Register Now
Webinar 02/13/2017 1:00 PM (ET)
A Street View On Leadership – With Bob Anderson And Bill Adams
Weaving Influence Events
It is often said that the subject of leadership is the most studied and least understood. This is not true. Join us for a special one-hour webinar event on February 13 at 1 pm ET/5 pm GMT, as Bob Anderson and Bill Adams discuss the ideas that we all agree leadership effectiveness matters and know what it looks like. Bob and Bill will chart the movement from Reactive to Creative leadership, drawing upon input from the leaders they consulted during their research, and share a groundbreaking study concluding that leaders, when they provide feedback to each other, are remarkably precise about the entire journey from Reactive to Creative leadership.  »  Register Now