Webinar 04/26/2017 1:00 PM (ET)
Compassionate Accountability In Action – with Nate Regier
Weaving Influence Events
Conflict is a word that carries negative connotations for many. We avoid conflict, abhor it, and see it as a major stress. But what if you could transform conflict to bring positive change in your relationships? Join Dr. Nate Regier on April 26 at 1 PM (ET), as he discusses new data about people and their relationship with conflict, and explores real life stories and examples of people implementing the concepts from ‘Conflict without Casualties’ in their work and life.  »  Register Now
Webinar 05/10/2017 1:00 PM (ET)
How You Learn is How You Live – With Kay Peterson
Weaving Influence Events
Research shows that flexible people experience less conflict and stress and are able to handle more complexity. They are also more self-directed, mature, and happier! Join us on May 10 at 1 PM (ET) for an hour-long discussion with Kay Peterson, and discover how an ideal process of learning is also the way you change, make decisions, solve problems, and innovate. You’ll learn how to identify your unique learning style and build flexibility in all nine learning styles to face any situation more effectively!  »  Register Now