Featured Instigator: Kevin Eikenberry

This month we are featuring Instigator Kevin Eikenberry, Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, a leadership and learning consulting company that helps organizations, teams and individuals reach their potential. Kevin’s specialties include leadership, teams and teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, organizational learning and more.

Kevin has a degree in agriculture from Purdue University. This means, he says, "I studied how to help things grow and began to understand systems - both things critical to my work every day now."

Kevin worked in several roles for a Fortune 10 company and left to start the company that is now known as The Kevin Eikenberry Group in 1993.

A leadership lesson Kevin gained from his first job was: the leader's job is to make their team members ready to take their job. 

When asked about one of the best moments he has had professionally, Kevin shared, "Any time someone tells me something I helped them learn made a real difference in their life."

On the topic of the most important qualities in leaders, Kevin believes that being a REMARKABLE leader requires being a lifelong, continual learner.

Kevin thinks schools should put more emphasis on the understanding and development of the right mindset in order to be happy, healthy, and successful.

When questioned about the strangest thing he's ever been asked in a job interview, Kevin explained that he has only really had one job interview since college, and it was a long time ago. He can't remember too much about it!

When asked about books he has found most helpful for his professional life, Kevin said, "Just one? I'm not sure that is possible." Editor's Note: I took the liberty of researching some of Kevin's previous writings on favorite books and came upon this 2011 post, which lists several recommended books as well as introducing Kevin's own From Bud to Boss! ~ pk

When asked the most creative solution he's ever seen to a problem in life or work, Kevin replied, "If we look around us we see creative solutions all the time. Usually if we (really) watch children we will be amazed at their creative solutions."

If he had to hashtag his life, Kevin's would be: #blessed.

One of Kevin's favorite quotes is "Use wisely your power of choice" from Og Mandino.

When asked "if money were no object, what would you do all day?" he responded, "There are many things I like to do. I get to do most all of them in my life right now. I'm not sure I would change much of anything."

One area of expertise Kevin has added to his repertoire over the years is how to make dispersed teams and the remotely located workforce effective, both for the employer and the employee. Plan to join him, Becky Robinson, and Wayne Turmel for a free webinar on Wednesday, June 15th, at noon ET to learn more!

The best advice he's ever been given was, "Little hinges swing big doors."

We like that quote, Kevin! And we appreciate how you open doors for people to find their way to becoming remarkable leaders! Thanks for helping us get to know you better!

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