Why do you charge to be in this group?
How do you define “character-based leadership?”
Is there some religious affiliation?
What do I get for becoming a partner?
Can I write for Lead Change without becoming an Instigator?
Can I advertise on Lead Change?

Why a monthly charge? We’re a US 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We want to provide an environment, not content. You can donate any amount.  However we call those who donate at least $24 per month Instigators.  We’ve kept the charge low so that people can participate. But it’s not free because we don’t think it will help to have hundreds of members who never contribute. We believe in the intrinsic benefit of giving. This charge covers some of the cost of maintaining the environment, moderating the blog and group discussions and encouraging participation. (Top)

How do you define “character-based leadership?” Rather than focus on a list (or lists) of character traits, we belive that character-based leadership is influence you bring based on your character as a person. Leadership is influence. People allow others the opportunity to influence them based on several factors. When they grant you that influence and choose to align with your mission and vision based on who you are, rather than on your power or position, that’s character-based leadership. Who you are is your character. As a community, we commit to help each other great leaders on the inside, based on the strength of our character. That alone won’t make us an excellent leader; we’ll have to continue to grow and develop to achieve excellence. (Top)

Is there some kind of religious affiliation in this group? Yes, but it’s not what you think. The organization can’t join a religion or have a faith. But I expect most of the people in the group might. Rather than asking our members to check their faith at the door, we ask each member to respect the fact that others may not share their faith. Don’t abandon yours but don’t try to convert people either. If you live your faith in an attractive way, people may want to know more about it. I’m pretty open about my faith, but I don’t want to force it on anyone. I only use it to explain my actions. Faith is a conversation that should be undertaken with the advance permission of the participants. We encourage faith conversations but we also respect the fact that they are voluntary. (Top)

What do I get for becoming an “Instigator“? Instigators are the people we interview, include on panels, and feature their content, products and services. Instigators can advertise in the newsletter, share link posts to their other content on the web and take part in the special projects of the group like The Character-Based Leader book project. They can also form and moderate groups, host webinars, participate in discussions and receive discounts on local activities. Many of the instigators are involved in leading a local leadership development community. Instigators have collaboration calls and are encouraged to interact and advance the revolution. They also have the ability to share other leadership content they develop or find elsewhere on the web. They are stakeholders and help grow and develop the community. (Top)

Can I write for Lead Change without becoming an Instigator? Yes, but you must have a user profile. We don’t accept “guest posts.” If you don’t want to be part of the community, that’s OK by us. But if you want to write for the community, you need to be at least a Registered member. We’re not a content-distribution center. We get about 1000 visitors a day as of the winter of 2012 and if you’d like to be a part, please join us. If you simply want to push content, no thanks. There are some other guidelines and restrictions. Check out Guest Posting for Lead Change Group and Write for Lead Change.(Top)

Can I advertise on your website? We don’t want to create a traditional website business model. If you’re an Instigator, we would be happy to talk about ways to allow you to put some type of advertisement on the site. However, if you’re not an Instigator, we won’t do it. We realized many websites do this as a way to generate revenue. And we also advertise our own book, and understand everyone has to make a living. But the leadership of Lead Change doesn’t want to split loyalty between the Instigators and the Advertisers. So if you’re an Instigator, sure. Otherwise, we’d rather not. It’s not worth the energy to us.Top