Amanda Madorno

Roam Consulting LLC Owner and Principal

Articles By Amanda Madorno
Amanda Madorno is a leadership coach, consultant and planning facilitator who is passionate about helping leaders be the best they can be. Since founding Roam Consulting in 1994, Amanda has coached and developed hundreds of leaders individually and in teams. She believes emotional intelligence is the cornerstone for effective leadership and encourages leaders to grow through self-awareness and reflection to become more connected and compassionate leaders.

Whether coaching or strategic planning, Amanda works with a variety of organizations, including community health clinics, health care organizations, Native American tribes, associations, museums, independent schools, social service agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Amanda’s coaching and consulting is informed by what she’s learned
as a seasoned Interim CEO with 17 completed assignments.

Thought-provoking and engaging, Amanda is a speaker for Vistage International. She regularly presents on leadership and governance topics at conferences throughout the Northwest, including Northwest Regional Primary Care Association Regional Conferences and Northwest Association of Independent Schools Conferences and Leadership Institutes.

Most recently, she keynoted the Microsoft EMEA Leadership conference in Dublin, Ireland on Shape Your future, Love Your Work and delivered Pump Up Your EQ: Be a Better Leader at Work and Everywhere to 300+ employees at Vistage International Corporate headquarters in San Diego.

Creative in her work, Amanda incorporates her passion for horses into her coaching and leadership development practice through an innovative program, Leadership with Horses. She and her herd of equine coaches work with individuals and teams to help them discover how they can be more effective in the business arena.

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