Ann Van Eron

Principal at Potentials

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Ann Van Eron, Ph.D., MCC is founder and principal of Potentials, a global executive coaching and organization development consulting firm with experience coaching leaders, teams and coaches all over the world for over twenty-five years.

Ann specializes in creating environments where people have open-minded and productive conversations for greater results. She has developed a practical proven process to understand and work effectively with people with different perspectives (everyone). She emphasizes the value of an open mindset and conversation skills in workshops and in her book OASIS Conversations: Leading with an Open Mindset to Maximize Potential.

Ann serves as an executive and team coach, trainer and organization development consultant.

She specializes in:

  • Increasing collaboration and innovation, even when people and agendas are in opposition
  • Enhancing the skill set of executives, managers and coaches so that they can lead and produce
  • Creating cultures of respect and open-minded conversations where teams succeed
  • Navigating significant change effectively
  • Resolving conflict and creating agreements
  • Enhancing emotional, social and relational intelligence
  • Supporting leaders in embodying an open mindset for significant results

Ann has a proven track record as a leadership coach across a wide range of organizations.  She assumes that people are whole and resourceful and takes a systemic approach considering the context. She supports leaders and teams in aligning around a compelling vision and goals.  Open minded conversations engender trust and are critical for creating team and organizational change.

An experienced facilitator and trainer, Ann has developed a wide range of training programs which empower people to work and communicate effectively in a diverse and global environment.

Ann has worked with a wide range of organizations such as Ford, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, GE Capital, World Bank, United Nations, Booz, Caterpillar, Chubb and many more. Clients include Fortune 100 corporations, government and nongovernmental organizations, healthcare, non-profit and privately held companies.  Ann is committed to assisting people in having open-minded dialogue, fulfilling their potential and enjoying life.

Prior to founding Potentials, Ann gained significant leadership experience as a corporate officer of a Fortune 50 Service corporation.

Ann completed her Bachelor degree at Georgetown University and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Organization Psychology from Columbia University. She competed post-graduate training in individual and group process at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in addition to advanced study and certification as a somatic coach.  She was one of the first certified as a Master Coach by the International Coach Federation.

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