Jack Quarles

Founder of Buying Excellence

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Helping mission-driven leaders have greater impact with their resources through wise stewardship, smart negotiations, and value-driven RFPs. Training teams to consistently get greater return for the dollars they spend. Bestselling author, speaker, board member, consultant, husband, dad, and friend.

Jack Quarles is the founder of Buying Excellence, the author of Amazon #1 Bestseller “How Smart Companies Save Money” and the co-author of “Same Side Selling” (www.SameSideSelling.com)

Over the last 15 years Jack has helped dozens of organizations make better buying decisions and save tens of millions of dollars. As Director of Corporate Procurement at Sallie Mae, Jack led sourcing initiatives for software, services, and information central to the company’s core business. As a founding principal of Invoice Insight (later renamed Xigo), Jack implemented software and BPO solutions with Fortune 500, federal, and state government clients. He has worked on cost reduction project teams with Accenture, Bridge Strategy, Mercer Management Consulting, and McKinsey.

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