Jane Anderson

Chief Communication Officer of Insite Skill LLC

Articles By Jane Anderson

Jane’s professional experience is scattered across industries from financial services and insurance to engineering and manufacturing. Jane sees her background in writing and editing website content as the foundation to her current love of social media. Being an avid reader, meticulous note taker and lifelong learner has fostered her natural pursuit of sharing her world through writing. Reading books and summarizing content started as a hobby and has since grown to be a major part of her vocational experience.

While in school Jane’s favorite homework assignments were writing book reports. Today what started as a hobby, has grown to be a major part of her vocational experience. Her book reviews are posted on a unique BIZBOOKS channel at BizCatalyst360 and on sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.

Jane’s love of God led her to faith in her twenties. She recognizes her unique gifts are to support and help others by encouraging them and offering assistance in their endeavors. Jane says, “Authors pour their heart and soul into writing their book. When I write a review, it’s with intent to celebrate the book and promote the author.”

Jane claims to be ‘the best follower you’ll ever want to meet’ and has been repeatedly called inspirational servant leader, eternal cheerleader, and social media evangelist.