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John E. Smith is the Strategic Learner.

I enjoy helping people learn and grow through intentional, strategic, and social  interventions. I facilitate, coach, teach, train, organize, manage, write, speak, design, and lead in the areas of leadership development, transformational learning, and human behavior.

I am a CCE Board Certified Coach (BCC) with specializations in both Leadership/Business and Life/Personal coaching, as well as a Group Certified Coach (GCC).   In addition, I hold active certification as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and user certifications in the DiSC assessment family and the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP).

In partnership with the good folks at Develop People, I use a selection of online assessments centered around the DiSC Behavioral Preference Model to create personalized educational experiences for both individuals and groups to facilitate learning about themselves, about each other, and how to work together more effectively. My learning environments are focused, enjoyable, and interactive.

With a varied background and experience as a leader and manager in corporate, non-profit, educational, and healthcare environments, I am well-positioned to use my knowledge and perceptive abilities to help others succeed. Described more than once as a “learning machine”, I engage in regular and ongoing education in human development, adult learning, leadership and management development.

In addition to my primary blog, The Strategic Learner, I am also active on FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumbler, along with other social media sites.  Please connect with me in whatever ways are useful to you.

To live out my philosophy of aligning with others who bring significant value to the practice of leadership development, I also affiliate with several organizations:

Weaving Influence is a high-energy organization devoted to helping those who want to grow professionally find worthwhile and engaging leadership and personal development authors with well-written and useful ideas to share.  As one of their Buzz Builders, I take part as often as possible  to create awareness of specific valuable authors and titles using various social media tools.

People Development Magazine, where I author articles and book reviews on varied topics in leadership and personal development.

The Lead Change Group where I am an Instigator (possibly my favorite job title of all time), providing a monthly blog post and other contributions to one of the most dynamic online groups devoted to more effective leadership.

The University of Phoenix St. Louis, where I serve as a classroom facilitator with teaching assignments in both the College of Humanities and Sciences and the College of Social Sciences in the fields of psychology, sociology, critical thinking, and communications.