John Stahl-Wert

President of the Newton Institute

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Dr. John Stahl-Wert is a best-selling author, internationally known speaker, and expert in growing great leaders. He touches the hearts of thousands of people from around the world through his highly praised books, keynote addresses, collaborative workshops, and work helping organizations build great leaders to bring out the very best in their people.

John serves as president of Newton Institute and director of its Center for Serving Leadership (, providing services that enable individual, organizational, and community transformation based on The 5 ActionsSM in The Serving Leader. His passion is to build a worldwide community of serving leader practitioners.
John is co-author of Ten Thousand Horses with Ken Jennings; co-author of The Serving Leader for the People of God with Elizabeth Wourms; author of With: A True Story; and author of a weekly blog on serving leader principles.
John served as founder and CEO of Serving Ventures; president and CEO of Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation; and as founder of Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience (PULSE), Leadership Foundations Training Institute, The Union Project, and Amachi Pittsburgh. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Milonica.

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