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Founder and Owner of John Thurlbeck Consulting

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John transforms leaders, teams and organisations so they deliver better outcomes to stakeholders! He worked for 25 years in the public sector, leading and managing change in ‘turnaround situations’; and, 13 years as a proactive OD consultant, trainer/facilitator, coach, and interim manager, working across the UK and Europe. His five word story is ‘Helping you solve your problems!’

John is Founder and Owner of John Thurlbeck Consulting. This business continues the work of his former company Wear Consulting Limited, though he now trades under his own name. His focus now is transformational change in individuals, teams, and organisations.

He was Managing Director of his own company, Wear Consulting Limited, an organisation and management development consultancy, based in North East England for over ten years.. The company specialised in strategic focus and direction; leadership and management of public and third sector services, often focused on work with young people; performance review and improvement; strategic and business planning; cultural change management; and a range of bespoke workforce development programmes, especially building trust, resourcefulness, resilience, and in developing leadership and management capability and capacity at an individual, team or organisational level.


  • Is a compelling, authentic leader, with a focus on motivating and developing the workforce through leading by example, leaving a legacy of value rather than building dependency.
  • Is a powerful change agent, typically brought in when large-scale change is needed, to solve a problem or to address an organisational or workforce development/opportunity.
  • Has an impressive track record of making measurable impact, especially in ‘turnaround’ situations.
  • Has a versatile strategic focus, setting direction for others to follow.
    Is an exceptional stakeholder manager, with the ability to engage at all levels of organisations.
  • Has the capacity, strength and resilience to make tough, evidence-based decisions and thrive on complexity.
  • Has a comprehensive ability to think and plan, with the drive, enthusiasm and energy to deliver results in fast-paced environments.
  • Is resourceful and creative in leading programmes, projects, teams and organisations, with a clear focus on delivering vision, mission and values.

Recognised and recommended by many for great results, expertise, sense of humour and high integrity, John is known as an inspirational and empowering people and organisation developer; underpinned, in particular, by his passion for lifelong learning and making a real difference in the lives of people, especially young people and those who work with and for them. He is also passionate about effective leadership, decision-making and the consequences of choice.

John is an active participant on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and also curates two informative pages on, which he invites you to follow, called: ‘Leadership Fundamentals’; and ‘Developing the Leader within You’.

In a voluntary capacity, John chairs the UK’s first ever Youth Mutual, Circle Crew for Change Limited. The company is dedicated to providing services with and for young people aged 8 – 25 and is managed by a board of directors comprising 60+% of young people with voting power. This remains relative rare in the UK and John is very proud of the achievements and growth of the young people involved, many of whom began their journey with the company aged 12 and 13.

John is also Secretary of the Management Committee of a youth project in Sunderland, known as the Youth Almighty Project

John is a committed writer on matters to do with leadership development and transformational change and blogs regularly on Mondays, Thursday and Saturdays, which is on his website.

John is also a published author, releasing his first book, a co-authored leadership/business book, entitled “Energize Your Leadership: Discover. Ignite. Break Through” in April 2015.He is currently writing his first solo leadership book, which will be published towards the end of 2016.

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