Jonathan Moss

District Manager at Verizon Wireless

Articles By Jonathan Moss
The technology industry has consumed my life after getting out of college and the home improvement industry. It continues to be one of the most competitive and evolving industries which is what continues to make every day a challenging adventure.

I have had the pleasure of leading teams of up to 250 throughout my career that span from neighboring cities to half of the country with operating revenues up to $14B.

My teams have helped change the growth trajectory of people and results through employee development programs (sales and leadership), redesigning sales processes and cultures for 2 Fortune 500 businesses, integrating systems and tools for cost saving efficiencies, creating operating models that optimize profitability, integrating new technologies for customer journeys, and executing on the fundamentals of business.

I have an Aeronautical Science Degree from Middle Tennessee State University, a MBA from Bethel University and currently study at Harvard Business School.

By eliminating the “this is how it has always been done” mentality, investing in people, my technology experience, and continued education have allowed for the creation of new solutions and execution of business fundamentals that have resulted in over a billion dollars of benefit.