Marcella Bremer

Co-founder of Leadership & Change Blog, culture change consultant and author

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I am an author, culture & change consultant and “inspirator”. I’m on a mission to help more people make a difference at work and transform those Dilbert-like workplaces into 21st century spaces based on:

  • positive leadership (encouraging abundance and opportunities while staying realistic),
  • “natural” organizational change (including everyone and allowing for unexpected, positive emergence)
  • organizational cultures that foster openness, trust and kindness to boost innovation, agility, collaboration and thus results.
  • New structures of organizing and collaborating.

Let’s move away from employee disengagement, office politics, top-down control and command, stifling micromanagement and bureaucracy, scarcity, work pressure and burnout. It’s time to engage, to energize and to empower ourselves and others – to help develop the world through our workplaces.

That’s why I publish the Leadership & Change Magazine Blog, including a  members area with book summaries, video training, white papers, and webinars. I’ll do my best to help you make YOUR difference.

I also co-founded OCAI online (that provides Cameron & Quinn’s validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) online) and teach fellow consultants and leaders how to utilize this tool and I consult with organizations in change around the globe.

I published several books: “Nieuwe Helden” (New Heroes, in Dutch) and “Organizational Culture Change: Unleash your Organization’s Potential in Circles of 10” in addition to the Positive Leadership, Culture & Change Collections based on the magazine.

I have an MScBA degree from Rotterdam School of Management and I’m on a permanent personal and professional development journey through workshops, courses, and training. I’m married with three sons and live in the Netherlands.

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