Willy Steiner

President of Executive Coaching Concepts

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Willy Steiner is the President of Executive Coaching Concepts, an executive coaching services firm dedicated to assisting senior executives in taking their individual and organizational performance “TO THE NEXT LEVEL”. He has provided valuable counsel and executive coaching in Chicago to senior executives throughout his career. He has assisted in meeting diverse organizational challenges such as complex international mergers and divestitures, blending of distinct organizational and national cultures, and supporting growth in international markets.

Willy fine-tuned his skills in leading organizational change, building high performing teams and in devising innovative incentive systems with General Electric, RCA Corp. and Galileo International. Assisting executives in driving change by creating urgency, focus and alignment, with a keen eye for the communications implications and insights into the relationships that need to be sustained and cultivated along the way, is an ongoing focus of his work.

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