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Whether you’re satisfied in your current job or ready for a new challenge, Lead Change Group is a community in which to develop and test out your ideas. Digital channels provide the opportunity for us to make an even bigger difference in the world, since online influence is unconstrained by geography.

Who knows how your writing will connect you? Maybe you’ll learn a new management skill that will help you get that coveted promotion. Or maybe you’ll find a new mentor in Sydney or a job offer in San Francisco. Wherever life takes you, you can join forces with other leaders around the world with only a few keystrokes.

Lead Change Instigator

As an instigator you are recognized on the Lead Change site with your own instigator page. Instigators can also post on the blog, share resources with other members, and link to their own posts from their own website. This annual subscription includes set-up of your Instigator Page.

Lead Change Member

As a free member you can participate on the website as a blog author as well as contribute to the LinkedIn group, Google+ community, and Facebook page. Membership on the website gives you access to periodic updates, newsletters, events & webinars.