Leaders Set the Tone

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of my book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Success. The first chapter of my book is dedicated to how entrepreneurs achieve their peak performance and how to show up at their best for the people they lead. Leaders really do set the tone.

In the year since publication of Wind In Your Sails, readers have told me that these principles apply to all leaders. Whether you lead a business, corporate team, community group, or how you are a leader as a spouse, parent, or friend. How you show up as a leader each and every day has a massive impact to all of the people around you.

Daily Rhythm

It is your choice how you show up. My Mom told me the basics: get enough sleep, eat enough food, and exercise every day. You know what? My Mom was right. While the idea is simple, we all lose track of this and need to get ourselves back on track to look after ourselves first.

I write and speak about 4 Vital Actions we need to focus on each and every day:

Start: How do you start your day? Is the first thing you do is to get on your smart phone or computer? Most of us need to get grounded first, then eat a proper breakfast. For me, I then exercise. I don’t touch a computer or phone for the first two hours of my day.

Plan: What is your plan for the day? Have you set aside time to look after yourself? Do you make sure that you accomplish one important task that will move you closer to your goals?

Connection: Who do you need to connect with today? What are the critical conversations that must take place during the day? Even the uncomfortable ones.

Finish: How do you finish your day? What slows you down and prepares you for an awesome night’s sleep?

Commit to Change

My challenge to you is what do you need to change to set your leadership tone? In order to make changes in our daily habits, we need to start with one small thing and then commit to changing it every day.

In my presentation Slow Down to Speed Up, I ask audiences to make one change in their day in one of the 4 Vital Actions: Start, Plan, Connection, or Finish. Pick something that is concrete rather than something that is vague. Here is an example conversation that I had at a recent presentation to make a change action specific:

Me: “Who would like to share their commitment?”20160408.feet.walking.english.bay01
Leader: “I will. I do too much for everyone else. I need to look after myself. I will walk more.”
Me: “What does walking more mean to you?”
Leader: “I will go for a walk once a day.”
Me: “When will you go for a walk?”
Leader: “I will go for a walk every day at 8:00.”
Me: “Did you mean 8:00 am or 8:00 pm? How long will you walk?”
Leader: “I will walk every day for the next week at 8:00 am for 30 minutes.”

Who Can Help

As human beings we are funny creatures. Most often we feel we have to do it all ourselves. If you really want to commit to making one daily habit change for the next week, tell someone else and ask them for their help. The leader at my talk was going to ask his wife to remind him at 7:30 am every day that he is committed to going for a walk at 8:00 am. Who can you ask to help you make a change you want to achieve?

Take Action Now

How you show up sets the tone for everyone around you. Focusing on your daily rhythms and making sustained changes in those rhythms will change how you show up. By choosing one simple thing to change at a time and committing to that change for at least a week, you will start showing up differently.

Want to really commit to making a change? All you have to do is click this link and fill out the simple form. Tell me about the change you are committed to and I’ll give you some help.

What are you waiting for?