Kevin Eikenberry Group – July 2016 Sponsor

We are so pleased to kick off our new sponsorship and partnership program with our longtime friend, fellow Lead Change Group member, and best-selling author Kevin Eikenberry!

This July, we are proudly featuring Kevin and his new podcast, The Remarkable Leadership Podcast, throughout the month and hope you will join us in supporting this important and exciting new avenue for learning all about leadership.

In the podcast, Kevin hand-picks and speaks with guests who will share powerful advice and stories that will help leaders see the world differently, lead more confidently, and make a bigger difference for those they lead. He’s got a great lineup of experts and practitioners including Jim Kouzes, Jon Gordon, Dave Kerpen, Tim Sanders, Bob Burg and so many others.

And it’s not all talk. They’ll be sharing techniques and tactics that leaders just like YOU can implement and apply immediately. They’re covering leadership, teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, organizational learning, and human potential.

We’re really excited about this podcast, and we know that you will too, so be sure to set aside some time today to subscribe and listen.

To subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, go into your iTunes and enter this link:

Listen to the inaugural episode, “Learning Leadership with Jim Kouzes.”

Learn more about Kevin and The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

Happy listening!

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