Kris Boesch – May 2017

Unlocking an Extraordinary Workplace Culture

Kris asks, “What would it feel like to have an extraordinary workplace culture that generates both joy and remarkable results?” In her book, she helps you navigate around and through obstacles to joy. When you finish the book, you will be ready to take action with doable, down-to-earth steps to energize your team that yield real deal results.

The Workbook and Book Club

After you read the book, the next step is the Culture Works Workbook and the Book Club. They support your efforts to apply the Culture Works content and implement shifts to create real-deal progress.

Connect With Kris!

Join Kris on Twitter at @Boesch and @ChoosePeople, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

Thank you again, Kris, for your support of the Lead Change Group!

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