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Do you listen to your gut or to your logic? Which one is right?

We all know the feeling…that situation that gives us hesitation. That pregnant pause. The wrestling between our mind and our instinct. Gut versus logic. With which should we side? Read more…


Is simple thought leadership as valuable as something elaborate?

A recent conversation with friend and co-author Jennifer V. Miller about the value of leadership fables caused me to examine my love of simplicity in business, leadership and life. Does a simple message have the depth of an elaborate one? Is one easier to remember than the other? Are simple messages as valuable or as long » Read More


Leadership 101: Consistent, Fair, Explainable


Our good friend and long time Instigator, Chery Gegelman posted this over on her Simply Understanding blog Several years ago a mentor shared his business plan with me.  In part of it he wrote something he called a STAND.  When I asked what that was, he said it was knowing what you stand for before you » Read More


Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You a Smarter Leader

be a smarter leader

What Do You Know? Recently a friend of mine hopped on Facebook and asked his friends to recommend a local carpet-cleaning company and a moving company. (There must be a good story there, but that’s not why I bring it up.) Within an hour he had several solid recommendations with one moving company clearly favored » Read More


Protect Your Leadership from 5 Temptations with a Sandwich


  I have a friend that loves football.  He is not super passionate about leadership, and is not a person of faith.  However, he is fascinated with Tim Tebow and convinced that Tim is the real deal! I am passionate about leadership and about my Christian faith but I’m not a huge football fan.  So when » Read More


Watch Wisdom Work


Great leaders are like excellent chefs. A little bit of this, a pinch of that; a touch of this, a whole lot of that, then… great things happen! When leadership is at its most effective and impressive, it is because of the element of wisdom. Evangelist Doug Klinedinst said, “The thing that makes wisdom wise, » Read More


Leadership Play Dough – Top 10 Ingredients

Screen Shot 2012-08-09 at 12.57.56 PM

Expectations of our leaders are increasing.   Ethical and value-centered leadership seems to be the emerging priority across the globe.  The world needs leaders who can pull it from the current state of chaos with clear vision, great emotional intelligence, and thinking skills. For me, together with unity-conscious beliefs, therein lies the skills of congruent leadership. » Read More


3 MVP’s of the Wisdom Economy


We live in an Information Economy, but a revolution is taking place. As knowledge doubles exponentially, you’re one Google search away from being an expert on just about anything. And so is everyone else. These days experts are easy to find. Turn on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC. Open up the Wall Street Journal, the » Read More


Obvious Signs of Wise Leadership

Tristan Bishop

Our own Tristan Bishop (@Knowledgebishop) wrote a great post over at 12 Most titled the 12 Most Obvious Signs of a Wise Leader.  Tristan makes some interesting observations including being a model (#4), being principled (#7) and listening (#10).  Many have a hint of balance too.  Drop over there and take a look at the » Read More


Five Factors that Make the BEST Stand Out Year After Year.


USA Today’s Robert Bianco, says there are five factors that the great TV specials share in common. What does this mean for leaders?

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