The #1 Entrepreneur Challenge - An Offer

In my blog post Living A Purposeful Vision, I stated my intention to get 100,000 entrepreneurs to step into their single biggest challenge by December 31, 2017. I now want to make an offer that shows I am prepared to walk the talk of my goal.

I have been inspired and changed by listening to powerful speakers. I want to reciprocate by offering either of my keynote presentations for free as long as you cover my travel expenses from now until August 31, 2015.

Whether your audience consists of entrepreneurs themselves or is composed of people who are entrepreneurial in nature, each of these presentations focuses on a specific aspect of personal or team development.

The #1 Entrepreneur Challenge

Throughout Lead Change Group, we see our influencers talking about how we need to look at ourselves in order to fully lead those around us. Recently Becky Robinson shared The Power Of A Leader and how her leadership style meant that when a critical life event happened for one of her subcontractors, Becky was one of the first people she reached out to.

How do you show up like Becky in a way that those you lead will trust you? My talk, The #1 Entrepreneur Challenge (which could be subtitled the #1 Leadership Challenge), is all about what you do to both look after and grow yourself. After this presentation any entrepreneur or leader will be clear on what challenges they face, what they can do to face them, and the actions that they can use to achieve peak performance, while showing up for all those they lead.

Slow Down To Speed Up

share_06In today’s world the very thought of slowing down can create anxiety. Yet great leaders know that the only way to create great teams and fantastic team performance is to first slow down. Only then can you speed up. As Chris Edmonds wrote in Team Building Sometimes Isn’t, you must be conscious about how you go about creating synergy in your teams.

This presentation focuses on how a team slows down to clearly articulate goals, measures, communication, and the strategy for what it is you want to do. It then explains how you use this process to accelerate the entire team, making sure that there are pulse points and measurements all along the way to keep everyone on track.

If you lead a team, manage projects, or help people improve their performance in a group, we will leave with specifics you can use to improve your teams and how they work together to achieve organizational goals.

My Promise

If you attend one of my keynotes you will have 3 concrete action items that will shift and accelerate you and your organization within 90 days. I want to make a difference in the world. Help me by getting me to speak to your audience for free as long as you cover my expenses before August 31, 2015.

Please contact me via the email option on my Lead Change Instigator Page to talk further about the possibilities.