What if you could have the advice of 21 leadership experts at your disposal? And what if all that knowledge was made available around your busy schedule and could be digested at your pace? The publication of The Lead Change Group’s book, The Character-Based Leader makes that a possibility.

“One Voice on Character and Leadership from 21 Authors”

Our authors are writers, thinkers, consultants, business executives, teachers, parents, spouses, and more. In addition to this, they are all leaders.

“In writing this book, we balance a desire to maintain the individuality of the authors while creating a cohesive message that resonates. When we each bring the best of who we are to the practice of leadership, we find that each person’s character varies the definition. Snowflakes share characteristics but they say no two are exactly alike. No two people are exactly alike. Therefore, no two people will live the definition of a Character-Based Leader the same.

Instigating a Character-Based Leadership Revolution This is our attempt to connect you with your own inner passion to live your life as the change you believe the world needs.”

-Mike Henry, Sr. | Lead Instigator, Lead Change Group

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What People Are Saying About The Book

This wonderful collection of 21 different perspectives on leadership is a treasure trove of delight. If you value diversity of opinion, well thoughtthrough analysis and actionable teaching – or if you just want to keep up with leading edge thinking on what leadership truly is, then buy this book.

~ Les McKeown, Author of the WSJ bestseller Predictable Success and The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success.

INVALUABLE! The Character-Based Leader is a rich collection of ideas from some of the best thinkers around.

~ Frank Sonnenberg, Author of Managing with a Conscience.

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