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Our new book, The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution… One Person at a Time was written by 21 members of the Lead Change Group: a virtual community of authors, business owners, thought leaders, and academics who share a passion for leadership.

The book combines current leadership thought with personal stories that will help give any leader the necessary tools to lead from their character in any situation.

Our goal is to instigate a leadership revolution! This book will serve as the first step towards igniting the spark of character-based leadership in individuals and organizations around the world. In the process, we hope to create momentum and excitement that propels the book to bestseller lists.

Want to Help?

Mark your calendar and plan to join us for the launch celebration.

  • Launch Week: Sept 24th-28th

Visit Amazon.com to purchase the book, post a review, or refer to a friend.

Below are some PDFs of ready-made resources that you can use to help promote the book.

In keeping with our goal of truly instigating a revolution, we ask that you use the #LeadRev (leadership revolution) in all of your tweets.

Here are some ready-made resources to help you spread the word. Thanks!

Once we get closer to the launch, additional resources will be added here, including generic blog posts, author interview podcasts,
and more. So be sure to check back around September 23rd.

Thanks for your support. We look forward to igniting the revolution with you!

Additional ways you can help spark interest in the book:

Face-to-face: Tell your colleagues, your employees, your bosses. With essays from 21 authors, leaders and employees in any position are sure to gain new perspective from The Character-Based Leader. Many of our authors are willing to make appearances, participate in book signings, and serve as speakers at your next event. Feel free to connect directly with whichever author meets your needs, or send a general request to info@leadchangegroup.com.

Virtually: Spread the Leadership flame! Use your vast internet network to share the launch with your family, friends, and colleagues (in emails, newsletters, on your blog, podcasts, blog talk radio shows, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media channels).  Take a moment to “like” our Facebook page, and be sure to follow the Lead Change Group on Twitter @leadchangegroup. Please give your “thumbs up” on our Amazon listing.

Additional Resources

Sample chapter — bit.ly/cbleaderbook

Official Facebook page for The Character-Based Leader — http://bit.ly/TheCharacterBasedLeaderFB

Amazon Page (for single orders) — http://bit.ly/TheCharacterBasedLeader

Official website — http://characterbasedleader.com

Lead Change website — http://leadchangegroup.com

Lead Change LinkedIn Group — http://bit.ly/LeadChangeGroupLI


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The Character Based Leader

The Character Based Leader - http://characterbasedleader.com