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Writing a Leadership Wrong-Smarter Emotions Matter

How do you manage “emotional moments of truth”? Do you fight, flight, or flock? The way you handle these moments sets the stage for the entire conversation, and they can either lead to positive change or negative responses. Leaders must intentionally increase their own emotional triggers as well as awareness of others’ emotions in order to handle these crucial conversations in positive ways. Read tips on how to do this here…


Is It Time To Shut Down Your Job Postings? — Zappos Did!

Zappos has once again stepped away from the traditional way of doing things. This time it is in regard to Rockneetheir hiring practices and their efforts to continue to create a more “human centric” culture. JoAnn Corley shares her interview with Zappos man Rocknee here…


Are You Playing Enough?

Are You Playing Enough?Following is a guest post from Rich Largman.  I have collaborated with Rich for 15 years of working with clients.  He is also my personal coach and one of my dearest friends. It is my pleasure to share his insight with you here.

We’ve all heard the familiar scoldings growing up such as…
…Quit fooling around.
…Will you please grow up.
…When will you stop acting like a child?

Well if it were up to me, the answer to that last question would be NEVER!

In an effort to eliminate the childish qualities from our behavior as we race toward adulthood, our child-like qualities often become part of the collateral damage. And that is too bad. By losing our child-like qualities, we lose an immensely valuable resource – the ability to play. Read more.


Increase Your Awareness by Predicting Results in the Planning Stage

Are you familiar with the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle? 1391613_15195027 smallDo you know how to implement it well within your company?A really big key between people that use PDSA successfully and those who don’t is that the ones that do it successfully turn the cycle quickly. Read more…


2014 Reflections: The Path of my Life and Business

The story of my 2014 can only be told if I look back six months prior. stepping stones On July 11, 2013, I fell and severely broke both bones in my lower left leg.  This alone carried with it lessons and new awareness to last a lifetime and for the first three and a half months of my recovery, my ability to move around, serve clients and find new ones was limited. What was not in short supply was time to think and consider, “what next?”  I bemoaned to close friends there wasn’t a big vision in my heart or mind for my business and as 2014 arrived, I wondered (with a bit of desperation) what the year would look like.  I had a lot of tension around the fact that I didn’t have that big vision I thought every business owner should have.

The big realization came through some intense coaching and reflection with a dear friend and as the year began, he challenged me to look at how God historically works in my life.

The truth of the matter was revealed in a simple mental picture.  The picture is a path of stepping stones.  The stones behind me are those I’ve walked on through my life.  They represent opportunities presented to me, relationships with people and doors I’ve walked through.  I realized that in my life I’ve never been given a big vision of something to build or a mission to complete.  I’ve had some hutches, but God simply placed one stone at a time in front of me so that I know where to go next and sometimes he generously put out a few stones so that I knew the direction I was headed but not more than that.  The powerful part of this picture was it has never failed!

This was affirmed in early 2014 by the work I’m doing with clients and the projects I’ve invited to be a part of.  I would have said, “no, way” had you told me I’d be doing this particular work in 2014, but here I am with this book of business, these clients to serve and cool new opportunities in front of me that I could not have predicted.

I come to the mid-point of 2014 with a tremendous peace in the understanding of how God works in my life.  Knowing the stones will be laid out for me to walk on, to hold loosely what may seem clear today and live in gratitude for every moment I have.  He may decide one day, maybe even today, to plant a big vision in my heart, but for now it’s one stone at a time.


Emotional Intelligence: Ten Things You May Not Know

Regardless of the situation, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is critical.emotional intelligence Managing one’s own emotions as well as adequately and appropriately responding to the emotions of those around us is vital to solid leadership. How is your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence? Read ten interesting facts about Emotional Intelligence here…


When Working Together Works

Here’s a thought: when everyone agrees, there isn’t much growth. Disagreement, to a certain extent, inspires critical thinking. That critical thinking is what brings progress. By encouraging people to get behind their ideas, and in a sense fight for them, ideas are considered more thoroughly and perspectives understood. Read more…



How to Crush Departmental Silos

Often times it is a lack of communication between departments within churchlightstock_62135_xsmall_deborah_wipf-300x199 ministry that leads to  a poor working relationship and a lackluster work effort. There are many small yet effective steps departments can take to better their relationship, from more open lines of communication to simply eating lunch together. Read more…


Raising Kids or Raising Parents?

In honor of Father’s Day coming up, I thought I would share a little bit about my experience as a father. The three most important things I have learned

 Photo by: Xuesong Liao

Photo by: Xuesong Liao


“If you want your relationship with your kids to works always make sure that:
  1. They experience unconditional love,
  2. There is mutual respect in the relationship,
  3. You have faith in your kids and the relationship with them.”

For me raising kids has always been more about raising parents. Read more


Must Wins

It’s never too early to start planning for 2015. What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to get there? What are the critical things you must accomplish, and what lofty opportunity would be great, though not necessary to attain? Must wins help us know what we must do! Read more

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