“Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” Francis Bacon

Writing and Self-Development

We support the open exchange of ideas and we also support the effort of the leadership self-developer.  To support both core values, we’ve decided to open up the blog for new content as a way to encourage writing and collaboration.  Nothing will make you more exact in your values and practices than writing.


Get your message out to the entire Lead Change Community which consists of over 900 registered members on the site and growing traffic through the Facebook Page (over 1000 likes) and the LinkedIn Group (over 1500 members).  Also, the Lead Change Group website is consistently ranked above individual blogs in both Alexa rankings and page traffic.

You will have an author page, simply by registering as a member of the group once we publish your first post.  Each of your posts will show you as the author and include a 3-4 line bio at the bottom of the post.  Your bio and profile page can link readers to your website and social media profiles.

Your contribution to the community will help develop leaders through dialogue.  Leaders develop leaders.  And we have an active and growing community of leaders who are quick to share ideas, and posts.  That activity sharpens each of us.

Finally, this is a great way to try blogging before you set up a blog of your own.

Let’s Get Started

So what are you waiting for?  We’re interested in 3 different types of posts: Your leadership journey, the importance of leading from who you are, and any topic that will help others develop as leaders.  So contact us and we can get started.  Complete the fields below to get started.

Author Application

So, would you like to write for Lead Change Group? Do you have something interesting to say about leadership?
  • What would you like to write about? How often would you like to write?

Image (c) Hugh McLeod @ gapingvoid