Living A Purposeful Vision

I have a vision. I want to help 100,000 entrepreneurs step into their single biggest challenge by December 31, 2017. What lets me come up with such a vision?

I can set remarkable goals for myself because I am fully living my purpose in life. I have had extraordinary help in my entrepreneurial journey.

Last year, I realized that my career going forward is to help other entrepreneurs as I have been helped. The best way for me to do that is to get entrepreneurs to step into the biggest thing that is blocking them from going forward.

Finding Purpose

My new book Wind In Your Sails draws from the ideas of Jim Collins and Guy Kawasaki, among others. In the both book Good To Great and the article Aligning Action & Values, Jim Collins elaborates on purpose. He explains that it is not sufficient to document your purpose and core values. You must have specific measures and actions that demonstrate that people are living and in alignment with your purpose.

Meaning Matters

In The Art Of The Start, Guy Kawasaki asks us to act with meaning by creating a product or service that makes the world a better place. While you need to be clear where you will be in three years, what markets you will be serving, and what your brand promise is, people are motivated by having meaning in their lives.

Vision & Purpose In Alignment Accelerate Growth

Since many people spend much of their lives at work, you will only get high performance when you, your management team, and your employees are aligned in the purpose and culture of your organization.

I am aligning my purpose, vision, and actions to fully live every day by shooting for a clearly articulated goal.