There are people all over the globe ready and willing to help you make a positive difference. The Lead Change Group is proof of that.

About Lead Change Group

Mike Henry, Sr. founded the Lead Change Group in 2009 as a non-profit dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution. Mike’s passionate belief that “we bring energy, even life, to our world when we bring the best of who we are and give it away” fueled this movement.

Under Mike’s leadership, the Lead Change Group became one of the most socially shared leadership blogs and published a multi-author book about character-based leadership, The Character-Based Leader. From 2009 until now, Mike has brought tremendous energy and life to the Lead Change Group.

As of October 1, 2014, Mike is handing off the work he’s begun with the Lead Change Group to Becky Robinson, who will continue the great work he has begun along with dozens of Instigators who generously share their content and energy with the Lead Change community.

No longer a non-profit, the Lead Change Group is now a division of Weaving Influence. Becky will continue to develop the Lead Change Group website as a powerful resource to help people make a bigger difference through their lives and leadership.


The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution, one leader at a time.


We will encourage, energize and equip one another to apply character-based leadership to leading change – in ourselves, in others, and in our communities. We want to be a resourceful, supportive community sharing and multiplying powerful leadership content.


You can participate as a Member in the Lead Change for free. Participate here on the website, in the LinkedIn group, Google+ community, and on the Facebook page. Share articles and interact with other members. Membership on the website will allow you to get the periodic updates and newsletters and access to free events and webinars. You can also write for Lead Change and be recognized through your author bio.

Instigators are people who are making a more comprehensive commitment to the community and requires an annual fee of $99. Instigators are recognized on our instigator tab and each instigator has their own page on the site. Instigators can also post on the blog, share resources on the blog, and link to their own external posts from their own website.

We have also identified new Leading Voices, a group of people who are committed to driving this movement forward. For more information about how to be featured as a Leading Voice please contact Becky Robinson.

Through Weaving Influence, we also offer services to help members be more effective in growing their online influence, find out more here.

Personal Revolution

To us, instigating a leadership revolution means bringing out the best in people. We want to help you step up and step out as a leader because of who you are. Leaders influence others. Your character determines your influence whether or not someone puts you in charge. So this community is a place where you can develop and try out your ideas and skills as you engage the world. Share your ideas and energy and help others step out too.

We also believe that digital channels provide the opportunity for us to make an even bigger difference in the world, as influence online is unconstrained by geography. At this time in history, we can make a difference around the world with only a few key strokes.