Lead Change History

Mike Henry, Sr. founded the Lead Change Group in 2009 as a non-profit dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution. As of 2014 this virtual network has been a division of Weaving Influence, Inc., a boutique PR and digital firm for business and leadership authors, and CEO Becky Robinson. Weaving Influence continues to develop the Lead Change Group website as a powerful resource for leaders and leaders-in-training worldwide.

During the creation of the Lead Change blog, a team of authors created two publications through the community they built over the years.

The first one was The Lead Change Revolution. A note from the authors: “This contains our thoughts and reflections on LeaderPalooza and the challenge to take up the fight for character-based leadership. Our definitions are all slightly different; the goal is very complex. But we know bad, ego-centered leadership when we see it and we’re against it. We choose to instigate. This ebook encapsulates our thoughts on the LeadChange group, the LeaderPalooza un-conference, and the movement(s) we foresee. Everyone who was at the conference contributed.”

The second publication was the Character-Based Leader. A note from the authors: “A virtual community of 21 authors (all contributing authors to the Lead Change Group) came together to share their wisdom and perspectives regarding character-based leadership.

It’s like a leadership conference in book form! Come and ‘hear’ what Mike Henry, S. Max Brown, Dan Rockwell, and many others have to say that will encourage you along your journey to becoming the character-based leader you want to be, no matter what your role in life.

This book is all about the Character-Based Leader and explores why character-based leadership is important, how you can lead from who you are (regardless of organizational position), and what character traits are crucial for a character-based leader to develop. It also looks at how communities can be built and what the future of character-based leadership looks like.

Ever since the Lead Change Group formed, we’ve had a passion for spreading the message of character-based leadership. Those in our community who had already published books encouraged the Lead Change community to put into print ideas that will help move this leadership revolution forward. So, starting in the summer of 2011, a book project (and, along with it, a project team) began to take shape, albeit in a non-traditional way. We wrote this book to help further the discussion on how to become a character-based leader.

Here’s the cool thing about this project: we did it 100% on a volunteer basis and completely virtually. It’s been a testament to the ability to get things done, even if there isn’t a formal titled “leader” in charge. To date, nearly three dozen people have contributed in some way — as authors of a book chapter, project managers, editors, and researchers. It’s been fascinating to see a tangible product come to fruition, with people we haven’t met face-to-face, and with whom we have only the thread of character-based leadership binding us together.”

While the Lead Change blog has morphed many times over the years, we believe that adaptation proves leadership and development will always be moving forward. We are excited you are here and invite you to explore the new Lead Change.

Want to learn more? Download the free Lead Change ebook, The Lead Change Revolution: Instigating a Global Movement for Character-Based Leadership