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Bill Fox helps people and organizations take a higher perspective to expand their awareness to create new possibilities. He brings an authentic and energetic presence that triggers people and organizations to co-create more fully in an emergent field. He helps to ignite a generative cycle of more truth, open heartedness, and innovation. He is founder of Higher Perspective Tools, Fox High Perspective, and 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success. Connect with Bill at his member profile, LinkedIn or Twitter @BillFoxStrategy.

Increase Your Awareness by Predicting Results in the Planning Stage

1391613_15195027 small

Are you familiar with the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle? Do you know how to implement it well within your company?A really big key between people that use PDSA successfully and those who don’t is that the ones that do it successfully turn the cycle quickly. Read more…


A Remarkable Conversation on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and YOU


You know it when you hear it. It touches you. You are so moved by what you’ve just heard you can’t wait to share it. You may have even heard it before. But this time, the way it’s said and who says it impacts you differently. This was the case during my recent webinar with » Read More


Appreciate the Enormous Power of a New Perspective

Flying at 4,500 ft. Over the Susquehanna River

“Wow – what a beautiful view!” was one of several responses I received when I posted this picture on my Facebook page last weekend. I took this picture with my iPhone while piloting a Cessna Skyhawk on my return trip from Pennsylvania back to Virginia. At the time, I was flying over the Susquehanna River » Read More


Creating Conditions that Allow for Consistency and Excellence

.2D with Shingo Award

Last week I signed up to write this blog post, and I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write a book review on The Outstanding Organization by Karen Martin. Although I read the book several months ago, Karen’s work has really resonated with me and has made a lasting impression. It’s not » Read More


“I say it has to be done rapidly and it has to be bold!”

Marilyn Jacobson

“I say it has to be done rapidly and it has to be bold!” Those words reverberated through me like a bolt of lightning when I heard them spoken to me by Marilyn Jacobson. She is the author of the recently published book Turning the Pyramid Upside Down. I immediately felt the energy and power » Read More


Go to 3,000 ft. to Get a More Reflective Big Picture Perspective

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia
Source: Bill Fox

I’ve always had a fascination with looking at things from a higher perspective. When I was growing up, I used to hike to the top of nearby hills to take pictures of the town where I lived. When I started flying, I was completely captivated by the change in perspective. Everything looks completely different at » Read More


The Path to Leadership

The Path to Leadership
Source: istockphoto

Anyone can be a leader at any level at any time and start to bring about change wherever they are. This has been my journey and one that I know that any person who wants to make a difference can do to impact their circumstances and bring about change. Recently,  I published a follow-up article to » Read More


Jump, Rinse, Repeat: Why do we keep implementing change like this?


Everyone, it seems, is talking about change and the need to change.  But somehow we keep repeating a familiar pattern.  It’s like going to the edge of a 50-foot cliff and jumping when all you’ve witnessed are others ahead of you jumping away.  As a result, you don’t see what they did before they jumped, » Read More


Absorbed by Day-to-Day Challenges, Leaders Are Failing to Go to the Balcony Robbing Themselves, Their Organizations, and the World


In this post, Bill Fox and Samira Askarova of AEGIS.net share their thoughts on the recent bestselling book, The Strategist by Cynthia Montgomery.  Our intention is to take a 3,000 ft. view of the book, provide an overview, and talk about the three most impactful ideas that came up for us to intrigue and inspire more leaders » Read More


What can a US Navy fast attack submarine Captain teach you about leadership?

Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine

Plenty it turns out. It was just three weeks ago when my attention was drawn to an article in Fast Company magazine called “A Submarine Captain on the Power of Leadership Language.” I served aboard a US Navy fast attack nuclear submarine for over three years, so I was immediately intrigued by this article about leadership language » Read More

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