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Relentless desire to be remarkable, a passion for Jesus, a determination to stay courageous, and a commitment to unbound thinking.

Every Leader Needs to Break an Arm

Every Leader Needs to Break an Arm | Lead Change Group

Many of my “2D” friends laugh when they first meet me because I am built like the prototypical NFL quarterback 6’5”, 235lbs. This week I met with Carrie Wilkerson (@bareboot_exec) and she gave me the typical first comment “You are much bigger than your profile picture.” As a kid growing up in Philadelphia, the best » Read More


What’s The Margin?


As a Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), this is usually one of the first questions I ask when one of our account executives tells me they just landed a new project. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint) I am a person who asks very pointed questions that require very actionable answers. When I joined our » Read More

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