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Christina is founder of People Discovery, "a new paradigm of people leadership, management and engagement." Based in the UK, People Discovery works with individuals and businesses to develop vision, strategies and change initiatives that make things happen. Connect with Christina through her member profile, website, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Facing Inconvenient Truths, the Mantle of Leadership?

christina lattimer

One of the reasons I am passionate about leadership is because I believe our leaders now and in the future have the skill, position, influence and potential to help prevent and cure suffering at work. Suffering you might ask?  Isn’t that a strong word?  Well yes it is, and no, I am not even talking » Read More


7 Uncommon Ways To Be A Positive Influence On You and Your Team


The psychology of leadership simply fascinates me, and no more so than when leaders have a positive influence on their team.   You may not class yourself as a leader, but you are a leader, whether you’re leading a team, a family or even yourself.  In your role, as a leader, the energy you emit is » Read More


7 Traits of Inspirational People, And What Leaders Can Learn

christina lattimer

I’d read about Philippe Petit some years ago, and while being amazed at his death defying tightrope walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City, I was either was too young, too busy, in the wrong country  or too focussed on other things to truly absorb his story.  That » Read More


No More New Year Resolutions: 4 Steps To Lasting Change

For me, the rot started and ended when I used to make and break New Year’s resolutions. I always started the diet, or gave up cigarettes or vowed to keep the house, my life, my work in  pristine order. I probably averaged about 3 weeks staying with my resolution, over the many years I subscribed to » Read More


The Secret Ingredient of Brilliant Leaders and Managers

I have only come across a handful of brilliant leaders and managers in my working career. The ingredient these people shared was, they were intrinsically drawn to “doing the right thing”. The “right thing” for these leaders and managers wasn’t always popular. The act of choosing for them was sometimes personally agonising, but they still made those » Read More


A Leadership Relationship Story

lead change hands

At the beginning of the year, the Regional Director had asked me to stay behind at a meeting where I had been voicing my opinion about why a major learning project hadn’t delivered. He proceeded to give me and a colleague the task of getting the project back on track in the next 12 months. » Read More


12 Reasons To Say Thank You And Why The World Needs It

Thank You

The beauty of social media is the ability to connect with many great people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to, and my connections include many great USA citizens who are celebrating Thanksgiving Day this week. In the UK the nearest we ever got to a Thanksgiving was when we used to celebrate our Harvest Festival.  When I » Read More


Making Right Minded Choices – A Leadership Challenge


The world is crying out for change. As the economy continues to look far from healthy,  environmental issues become increasingly urgent, and superficial behaviours by leading figures are being exposed, it emerges there is a new desire for something better, something more aligned to who we believe  we  are. Ethics and values are once again » Read More


Great Leadership: The Dynamics of Workplace Bullying


I don’t think I have ever been in a work situation where there has not been at least some discussion about whether behaviours can be construed as bullying.  I have been in some where bullying has occurred and people have experienced being bullied and it’s not pleasant. In the CIPD Employee Outlook Survey 2010, 16% of people » Read More


The World in Your Lap – Leadership, Social Media and Authenticity


I’ve read a number of articles recently about whether it is a good idea for CEOs to embrace various social media platforms. One of the  latest to add to the debate is Richard Branson. In his article “Why aren’t more business leaders online?, he quotes  IBM’s 2012 Global CEO Study which reports only 16% of CEOs use » Read More

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