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Deborah Costello is a teacher and the Mathematics Department Chair at Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, Florida. She also serves as a consultant for the College Board. Her passions include leadership, mathematics, education, service, and triathlons. She's also a co-author of The Character Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution... One Person at a Time.

Faith, Football, and the Future


“Aw man…  don’t call a time out.  Coach, are you a moron?”   This one sentence, shouted from the stands at my son’s football game last weekend froze me.  I was suddenly ill at my core.  We were down 22-0, but I couldn’t believe it.  Were the fans actually attacking our coach during the game?  Who » Read More


I’m Listening as Loud as I Can


Facebook is my guilty pleasure. I admit it. I probably spend too much time on Facebook. I probably spend too much time using social media period, but Facebook is my favorite. I love talking to people, cracking jokes, wryly observing the world, learning, laughing, and crying with friends. An old friend commented on my excessive » Read More


Because You Can


I have spent the last month traveling all over the country and will do the same this month as well. In the hours I have spent in crowded airports, stark hotel rooms, and local eateries, it is only my interactions with others that have mattered. Frankly, only a few of the hundreds of conversations with » Read More


Silent Leadership


In my leadership class we have been watching the film “Remember the Titans.”  The film is an explosion of leadership, both good and bad.  It demonstrates how people can lead by example, in their words, and also in their silence.  The leaders that are able to learn, to grow, end up being the most effective.  » Read More


Inspiration vs Perspiration

LC Insp 2

“Why do you work so hard?” I used to ask my dad that question. He was on the road a lot when I was a kid. I wished that he was home more often. He told me he had to work. I say that to my kids now when they want to do something and » Read More


Learning to Swim

girl swimming

When I was about five my mom enrolled me in the Red Cross beginner’s swimming lessons at the local pool. I failed to learn to swim so she signed me up again. And again. And again. Six times in fact before I could swim well enough to pass the class. It is one of my » Read More


Leadership Transition: What’s In a Name?

Who is your team Yuri Arcurs - Fotolia.com

Let me ask you a question.  What do you do? I am a teacher.

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