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For the last 26 years, Don Shapiro has been President of First Concepts Consultants, Inc. a management and marketing consulting firm. As Revenue Detectives, the firm has helped organizations in 30 different industries to increase their rate of growth and market share. Don specializes in decision making by employees, managers, executives and how to influence the decisions of prospective customers. He is also writing a book about following our inner wisdom to make choices titled “Life Is A Fork In The Road.” http://www.facebook.com/lifeisaforkintheroad. View Don's LeadChange member profile, or Twitter:@DonShapiro1.

Leadership Starts With A Choice…Or Is That A Decision?


Leadership starts with a choice…a choice to lead. Where does a leader want to lead people and what will they expect those people to do along the way? One’s values, principles, character, skills and more will all come into play in going through the process of making that decision and how it is carried out. » Read More


It Takes Courage And Character To Unify People

Statue of Paul Revere

In the 6th century BC, Aesop told a fable about the Lion and The Four Oxen. A lion used to prowl around a field where four oxen dwelled. Many times he would try to eat them but whenever he approached the four oxen would back their tales up to each other with their bodies pointed » Read More


We Need People Who Can Lead Regardless Of Their Title


The success of any organization be it a business, non-profit, educational institution or government, depends on its people. All the fancy strategies, creations and technology mean absolutely nothing without people to make it happen. In fact, people have to develop those strategies and make decisions about using them. People have to create the products and » Read More


You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be A Leader

Over the years, I have always enjoyed reading articles about some of the great sports coaches. While I’m not a sports fan myself, I find the methods of coaches who consistently produce championship teams very helpful in understanding how to be an effective leader. From Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and John Wooden in Basketball, to » Read More


Leadership Is About The Never Ending Quest For Better

Andy Dalton A Leader

Leadership isn’t just about keeping everyone on the team or at work doing what they are supposed to be doing so things get done. That’s being a good supervisor or manager. Leadership aims for a much loftier goal. Too often we call people excellent leaders when they are really only excellent at supervising people.  A » Read More


A Leadership Crisis In My Own Business

Pandora's Box

I’ve been working on a new strategic plan for my consulting business that includes a new website to mirror the strategic shift. This required me to make a lot of changes and turned into a serious leadership challenge. The decisions I finally made concerning this effort would not have happened if it wasn’t for the » Read More

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