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Erin Schreyer is President of Sagestone Partners, specializing in Leadership and Talent Management. Erin is a certified Coach, as well as a certified Strengths Trainer. Her focus is on helping leaders - even great ones! - maximize the impact they have on people as well s business results. Connect with Erin via Sagestone's website, her blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. or reach out to her directly at eschreyer@sagestone-partners.com

Truth. There’s No Hiding It.


People fascinate me.  It must be why I love “people-watching.”  (Nothing’s better than a busy airport or a city-center at lunchtime!!) Celebrities and other “famous” people are especially fascinating to me, simply because of the effect they have on others.  I’m amazed by the impact of their endorsements and/or public opinions – how they can » Read More


Living Values. Living Destiny.


I’m so glad the election and all the campaigning are over. Aren’t you? I thought it was especially brutal this year.  So much negative advertising.  So much vitriol. One of the very few things I appreciated about the campaign was that each of candidates talked about their values.  During other times of the year, people » Read More


“How Are You?” Is So Much More Than a Question


My husband and I went out last night for a cherished date night.  It was a special one, in fact.  We were commemorating thirteen years of marriage at a local restaurant with great conversation, outdoor dining, Italian food and wine. Our server quickly approached us after we were seated.  With enthusiasm and warmth, she asked » Read More


Workplace of Hope and Happiness


Have you read the headlines lately? Not only are they sad, but they’re often disturbing, frustrating, horrifying and sometimes unfathomable. It’s tough to read the headlines themselves; never mind the details of each story. The negativity is crazy!!! Heck, poor Gabby Douglas couldn’t even celebrate her Olympic gold medal without spending time defending what her » Read More


Are You a Healthy Leader?


I’ve noticed as I creep more into my forties that life feels a lot different than in was in my twenties.  For some aspects, I’m wildly cheering.  I’m so grateful for each year of learning and experiences.  Other aspects of aging aren’t quite as fun.  Recovery (from anything) takes longer, metabolism becomes slower, young children » Read More


Is it Time To Get Off The Bus?


Ever have one of those “defining moments” in your life?  You know, those times when ‘something’ happened, and you just knew that moment would change you forever… I remember a defining moment in college.  I lived off-campus, a few miles away, so I often took the university’s metro system to get me to different parts » Read More


Change is Good! How’s Your Leadership in the Midst of It?


I spent most of last week with clients in New York City.  Wow, does that city move!!  There is always something going on; so much excitement to see and energy to feel!!  It’s a melting pot of people, interests, food and shopping – something for everyone, if you can find it amidst the crowds and » Read More


What Really Makes You a Leader?

hands with heart

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post referencing a recent family summer vacation to Hilton Head.  I experienced such joy watching my children during that week that I felt moved to write about it.  I found ways to relate my kids’ activities to “leadership lessons” that I thought were great reminders for us » Read More

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