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Jane founded Braithwaite Innovation Group, a professional development firm dedicated to redefining power, performance, and connection @ the intersection of the art of leadership & the science of business. BIG works with individuals and organizations to create cultures of constructive dissent, respectful irreverence, unrelenting empathy, character-based leadership mavericks, and unparalleled performance. Connect with Jane on her LeadBIG blog, Braithwaite Innovation Group or @thehrgoddess on Twitter.

Head, heart, and stereotypes

head heart and stereotypes

The question posed to the five-member discussion panel was one of those-simple-but-loaded ones:  “How did you learn to change yourself?” The women who answered before me outlined impressive and proactive change strategies they’d used to propel themselves to positions of status and influence. One shared how she watched for unacceptable patterns in how she performed » Read More


A humblebrag isn’t the answer

humblebrags aren't the answer

Many individuals, especially women, struggle with achieving equilibrium between confidence and humility—another one of those life, love and leadership challenges of getting it just right by avoiding too much or too little of the extremes. Self-promotion advice I recently read in a leadership enews post zoomed right past confidence and into hubris. It’s a busy, » Read More


Pass the Tolerance, Please

embrace tolerance

We joined the conversation just as Matt was defending the right to be quirky and go against the mainstream. He was calm, gracious, and articulate—speaking his mind without being in anyone’s face, urging respect for different values and opinions. His message of tolerance went unheeded. As the threads of conversation began anew, anyone who disagreed » Read More


What will they say when you’re gone?

leadership legacy

As family conversations sometimes go, out of the blue someone mentioned Aunt Dolly’s noodles. You could tell by the lull in the conversation and the smiles on faces that people were remembering how soul-satisfyingly delicious her noodles were. I’ll never forget the eulogy delivered by the pastor at her funeral. He spoke for nearly ten » Read More


3 genie bottle wishes for curmudgeons

shake the world

What do you do when someone disagrees with your opinion? Do you: a)  Ignore it b)  Dig in and aggressively defend your position c)  Work the difference through to respectful closure d)  Amicably agree to disagree e)  Go on the attack I hope the majority of readers selected (c) or (d). But if you selected » Read More


3 dueling paradoxes leaders embrace

doiung the right thing

If you knew a replacement part would add an extra 90¢ in costs and yield only a dime in warranty savings, would you authorize use of the more expensive part? Probably not. Managers would crunch the business case and find the spending increase unjustified. But suppose you knew the additional cost would prevent costly accidents » Read More


Should executives take an oath of office?

Smartblog Logo

Forty-four years ago, economist Milton Friedman changed the way corporations did business with his declaration that “there is one and only one social responsibility of business — to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game.” Power-suited corporate executives turned their attention » Read More


Pesky wasps and being right

choose being kind

The three of us were chatting in the break room, catching up and munching  croissants from the bakery on the corner. “Sounds like last night’s event was terrific,” sighed Fran. “I wish I’d been invited.” “Me, too,” I replied. “Both of you were invited,” Penny asserted vigorously. “I sent you an email invitation but neither of » Read More


Meet people where they are

live in the light

I sit on the board of directors for a small nonprofit that’s in the process of fine-tuning its mission and strategy. Over the last few months, the organization has done its due diligence—conducting focus groups and surveys; studying program participation; reviewing revenue, expenses, and donor history; checking out its competitors and assessing its differentiators; doing » Read More


A cobbler’s kid gets some shoes

what the heart loves

A small group of us meet monthly for coffee, connection and conversation. Everyone was a buzz at last Friday’s pow-wow, busy sharing their 2014 resolutions. Meaningful and ambitious plans were disclosed:  getting a new job, losing weight, traveling to Europe, writing a book, being more patient, spending more time with family, getting organized. Then it » Read More

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