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I work with the Faculty and Staff of The University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business Executive Online Education to develop soft skill sets in leaders of today and tomorrow in the fields of Leadership and Management, Business Administration and Negotiations.

What is More Debilitating – A Talented Person Who is Unsupported Or an Untalented Person Who is Enabled?

A grumpy businessman sitting beside his assistant

Two employees, two different situations. Imagine yourself walking by the desk of someone you know who has a large skill set.  You see them hunched over their desk, frowning, and you know that they are struggling to get their project to move forward because they are lacking support.  Then, you walk by another desk and » Read More


Networking: 4 Tips to Expand Your Leadership Influence


You likely have heard the old adage in the business world, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” In generations past, networking typically involved shaking lots of hands and distributing a forest’s worth of business cards. However, in the rapidly changing global marketplace, some networking consultants promote an updated notion. They contend that » Read More


Defining Leaders In Today’s Sustainability Movement

Sustainability Leadership

In recent years, eco-savvy consumers have driven up the demand for sustainably sourced products and services. Business leaders looking to secure the most reputable triple bottom line performance ratings need skilled sustainability leaders. These leaders need to provide the high profile results necessary to drive business growth in an increasingly eco-conscious global marketplace. While education » Read More


Ultimate Multi-Tasking: The Art of Managing People from Multiple Generations

Ultimate Multitasking | Lead Change Group

If you look at your team and see people who represent several generations, you may find yourself with some conflicting thoughts. Is it wise to take each generation into account or is that over-complicated? Is it better to let the employees manage their own age-related perceptions or is it your job to step in and » Read More

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