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Jonathan is a leader in a Fortune 20 company who devotes his time to coaching, training and developing people inside and outside of his organization. He fuels innovation through open dialogue and "think tank" focus groups. His interests consist of the Psychology and Economics of Human Behavior, Motivational Speaking, Creating and Executing Game Changing Ideas. His passion is helping others breakthrough and overcome obstacles to achieve milestones that they didn't think were possible. Connect with Jonathan on his member profile, website, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter ( @JonathanMoss)

Are You Flipping the Switch as a Leader?


Leadership has always involved helping others see the big picture and leading through change. Most leaders don’t effectively do either. They talk about it and explain it, but to change someone’s behavior  usually involves changing their situation. When you try to change things, you are tinkering with behaviors that have become automatic. In order to » Read More


The “Bright Spots” in Leadership


Let’s face it, no one is perfect. Most of us strive to be and others think they are, but no one will ever be perfect and it is the strive to be perfect that keeps us motivated and on top of our game, right? Or does it hinder our ability to lead effectively? Think back » Read More


Feedback & Coaching: Putting the Pieces Together


Feedback is apart of every organization and a very important part of leadership and employee development. Daniel Pink’s book Drive explains, “We inhabit a landscape of lush feedback in most realms of our life. We play a video game and we get a score. We press a button on the ATM and we get our » Read More


Serving as a Leader


Servant Leadership is one the most effective ways to make a positive impact on your organization and the members within it. We have all heard the saying “Lead By Example,” but Servant Leadership takes leading by example to the next level. Leadership is about developing, growing and serving others. Servant leaders focus on the needs » Read More

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