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Josh Allan Dykstra is a work revolutionary, author, and speaker. He is a founder of the consulting firm Strengths Doctors where he helps leaders design work environments that don't suck. Connect with him online at joshallan.com.

Leadership is Not For You

collection of many business network concepts

As self-labeled “leaders,” we are familiar with all the lingo. We know that by definition being a “leader” requires “followers,” and that cases can be made on both sides of the “Are leaders and managers different things?” argument. From John Maxwell’s work on leadership alone, we know that there are at least 21 laws about » Read More


The Future Of Coaching


There’s a cottage industry called “coaching” that’s sprung up over the last few decades (it’s quite a large cottage, but still). On the surface there’s nothing wrong with this. But I have come to believe that the fact this industry exists at all is an indication of a dirty and not-so-little business secret. Before I go any » Read More


How To Stop Sucking (By Building A Personal Leadership Brand)


Nobody wants to suck. At the same time, the world of work is changing in ways that make it harder and harder to stand out. As a leader in this strange climate, we must constantly be finding new ways to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. In order to thrive, we must » Read More

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