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Selling Skills Manager leading the sales & leadership training function for the Toro Company including our end user customer groups.

Authentic Leadership: Would You Follow You?


People are pretty interesting to study. So many people from so many places, so many different cultures, backgrounds, and histories. So many differences. But even in a world of differences there are some things that we can find most everyone has in common, and one of those common factors is that the majority of people » Read More


Why Leadership Matters


I’ve often heard it said that the one constant in business is change. While change is certainly always present I think that there is at least one additional constant. This one doesn’t only apply to business, it also applies to life. That constant is this: Leadership Matters. In fact, even before change first took place, » Read More


Managing or Leading

Leader_pencil on paper_iStock_000007951207XSmall

If you’re doing it for your business, it’s managing. If you’re doing it for your people, it’s leading.   We would be hard pressed today to find many people complaining about being “over-led.” We would not however have to look very far to discover groups of people feeling as if they are “over-managed” on a » Read More


Mountains To Climb


Mountains are beautiful from a distance, especially when we don’t need to hike over them to get somewhere else. Imagine what the mountains meant to the early pioneers traveling across the vast prairie in search of the Great Northwest. They were not a welcomed sight, but rather, the very definition of hardship. It took days » Read More

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