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Tristan Bishop drives digital strategy at the world's top security company. Tristan uses social media monitoring to capture customer commentary. This knowledge is then shared with business functions in order to drive continual experience improvements. Tristan is a passionate customer advocate and is known around the web as KnowledgeBishop.

Precious Mettle

gold and silver coins symbolizing the value of building new leaders

“We’re running low on leaders” Due to the demographics, huge numbers of accomplished leaders will soon be leaving the workforce. This wise guidance is not easily replaced, but we’ve got to try and we need to begin planning now. Because so many mentors have fewer than five years left alongside those who’ll follow, there is » Read More


Purpose-Driven Productivity

Purpose Driven Productivity

A LeadChange “Best of Blogs” post, originally shared on KnowledgeBishop.com A woman and her small boy are walking down a cobblestone path in the sweltering summer sun. As they round the bend, they come upon three men on their knees, each with a brick in one hand and a trowel in the other. “Mama, what » Read More


Convincing the Resistant

Three Ways to Help Your Change Management Effort

People HATE change. They loathe and despise it. They see it, abhor it and team up to fight it. Mind you, not all people, all the time. But certainly most people, much of the time.  People rebuke change. People will mock change. People will link up and gang up to stop change. The Gap found this out last » Read More


Renewable Leadership in a Disposable World


“How many quarters in a dollar, daddy?” My daughter looked up from her math homework, wondering why it had taken me so long to answer. It was the last weekend of the fiscal quarter and my mind had wandered to Wall Street. I carried our overflowing recycling bin toward the garage and answered, “Four, honey.” » Read More


Leaders: Be Gr-r-reat!


As a lad, I lived for Saturday morning cartoons. Long before DVR, a boy needed an alarm clock catch the Super-Friends at 6 AM. And though a wide assortment of cartoons whizzed by until Noon, there was a consistent message throughout: “They’re GREAT!”  See that was the catch-phrase of Tony the Tiger, the cartoon pitchman » Read More


Servant Leadership: Now in 3D

Servant Leadership: Now in 3D | Lead Change Group

This post by Tristan Bishop was originally published on his KnowledgeBishop’s Mission blog. A salty tear rolled past the border of my digital 3-D glasses.”It’s a cartoon, dad!” said my incredulous 11-year-old, “why are you CRYING?” The Saturday matinee was a cove of contrast: 400 giggling, wiggling kids: 150 weeping parents, each experiencing Toy Story » Read More

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